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Are You A Gritty Writer? Message Design 101

“We loved your article on “gritty” writing. Great advice! We look forward to reading more from you.” — Rebecca, Valpak Coupons
Design is as pure as the beginning of things. There was nothing, and then by creativity and love something came to exist. Your story is born out of that kind of spark.

To random gazes successful marketing messages like Coca Cola’s “Open Happiness” or BMW’s “Ultimate driving machine” and abiding tales like “Les Miserables” or “For Colored Girls” may seem to be overnight successes. However, every great idea has to grow, and healthy growth takes time.

Your message and your personal or professional brand is no different.
Somebody has to give birth to it.
Somebody has to watch over it.
Somebody has to help it move through the world as it becomes better, brighter and more attractive to the right people. And that takes grit.

Are You A Gritty Writer?

Grit is a determination to move forward bit by bit no matter what — it’s the ability to keep going.

The word may sound a little grimy, but it’s not dirty, just tenacious.
“In a culture that values quick results, grit can be an under appreciated secret weapon.” — “True Grit” by Chip and Dan Health for Fast Company Magazine
In fact, in the article quoted above the Heath brothers reference psychological research suggesting that grit is as important as talent when it comes to success. Following that logic, equal parts grit plus equal parts talent equals a win. Designing a successful marketing message is no different. You have to get gritty in order to find the words. Everything begins with the words.

Gritty writing is about doing the work to get the right message to the right people. If the audience doesn’t get it, it’s the storyteller’s job to fix it — to improve the delivery. That’s the work. Whether you write your words on the page, speak them to your team or audience, or model them in your actions, it’s all communication – it all carries a message. And that message has to be clear, has to reach the right audience and it has to stick.

Who Are The Right People?

The right people are the ones who need and want what you have.

Before you can start advancing a message you have to identify and understand your people. Once you understand who your people are, you can design a message that matters to that target audience instead a generic message for Everybody. Who is that anyway? I don’t know Everybody, neither do you.

I do know Mrs. C and the business she wants to create. I also know my sisters and their creative dreams and the business it takes to live those dreams. And I know my parents, and the small business culture that I was born into. At Gritty Writer I write for them and others — and that includes the shy and sassy who communicate in private via email and the 1000s that they represent.

Your audience has a face. Find it. See them. And write directly to them. Like me, you have a very specific audience.

Knowing your audience first – makes it easier to discover, design and deliver your message.

How To Get Started With Gritty Writer.

Message design is the key to effective long term marketing.

Before you can dramatize the delivery with commercials, for example, or make it picture perfect with beautiful images and a smart layout you have to find the words. And since real diamonds are wrapped in coal you’ll need to chisel it down to the core message. Below are four articles — and a little homework at the end of some of them — to get you started in the discovery phase.

  1. Hobbies Don’t Need Marketing, Brands Do — What are you telling yourself and how does it impact your business — your brand?
  2. Marketing Basics — Baby Step Branding — Three basic branding decisions to help you update your marketing image.
  3. It’s Not Sexy, It Just Works — Get To Your Core Marketing Message — All long term successful people and their brands are driven by one key element that you can use to create a better marketing message.
  4. Developing Your Marketing Mind — 3 Decisions For Creative People In Business — because everything you do begins with a thought and the series of decisions that follow.

Dive into the blog for new and classic tips on designing your marketing message. And to go deeper grab a copy of the Gritty Kit, a mini-message-design program addressing several questions including: What Makes a Gritty Writer? What’s the ONE quality required for every message? 5 Things Impacting Your Message — Which one causes you the biggest problem?

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— Jamillah — aka MsJ — 
a gritty little writer
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