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Contact MsjHave questions about Gritty Writer? Any thoughts you want to share? Need some help with your message design? Would love to hear from you! You can contact MsJ using the information below.
Jamillah Warner (aka MsJ), Chief Gritty Writer

 — Email: contactMsJ [at] GrittyWriter [dot] com
 — Twitter: @JamillahWarner
 — Phone:   404-419-6819
“Jamillah has a lyrical quality to her writing that shines through on every page.”  Anita Campbell |

Jamillah Warner (aka MsJ)

As Seen Live and Person (MsJ's short list)

CEO at Gritty Writer, Jamillah earned her BA in Public Policy from Vanderbilt University. While discovering the ways that policy impacts nations, corporations and communities, MsJ also uncovered her fascination for business. Observing the distinctions between academic training and what she calls “Dirty Hands University,” MsJ understands that there is nothing like actually doing the work.

A poet with a passion for business, Jamillah is a freelance writer specializing in marketing, branding, management strategies and all things small business. She has taught marketing and communication strategies at organizations like AutoTrader, Black Writer’s Reunion and Conference and The Phenomenal Woman Conference. Having worked closely on three major startups and been a 12 year manager of a dynamic team at a non-profit serving foster children, Jamillah has written business plans, project policies and procedures, grants, operational manuals, team communication strategies and numerous tools to help train and inspire others.

When she’s not working on Gritty Writer or helping a client discover and spread their core marketing message, Jamillah loves to write and perform poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous places including UpTown Comedy Club for a poetry break, V-103 Atlanta Radio and numerous youth conferences and women’s events. She enjoys a big laugh, a beautiful day and a great story.

What People Say About MsJ

“Each sentence has a nugget of truth in it….She just has a wealth of information.” — Kelle Boyd | Ann Kelle Designs

“Jamillah is the kind of the speaker that gets up there and delivers it from the heart. She knows what she’s talking about.” — Mrs. Boyd | Educator

“When she’s speaking it’s almost like she’s putting a melody together. It draws you in and makes you want to listen and learn. She’s very inspirational.” — Charli Sims | Administrator

“We loved your article on “gritty” writing. Great advice! We look forward to reading more from you.” — Rebecca | Valpak Coupons

“Jamillah has a lyrical quality to her writing that shines through on every page. She has a unique way of looking at the world around her, including business.” — Anita Campbell | CEO of Small Business Trends, LLC |