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Effective Marketing Boils Down To 3 Core Values

Effective Marketing Boils Down To 3 Core Values post image

After getting clear about you want to say, being consistent, relevant and everywhere are the natural next steps to effective marketing. If a marketing strategy that you’ve planned doesn’t line up with these three, then tweak it or drop it, but don’t just let it ride.

Since your brand is shaped by your collective message, what your marketing continues to say carries serious weight. Your marketing message constantly makes a statement about who you are and what you have to offer to your audience. To keep this message strong and clear, test your strategy against these values.

1) Say something that matters — Be RELEVANT

A cool sounding phrase that carries no real message is a problem. What you say through your marketing needs to mean something to you and your audience — or you don’t need to say it.

The tagline for is “Code is Poetry.”

That means something to the developers at WordPress. It also matters to me. From that little message I understand that they’re obsessed with code, so I don’t have to be.

I can use their platform and let them geek out over the code while I geek out over the words, since that’s my real business. Like, your tagline needs to matter to your audience.

2) Reinforce your core message and image — BE CONSISTENT

Don’t be spastic with your marketing message or image — it’s easy to slip into a bit of chaos without a plan. And I know from painful experience that it doesn’t work.

For effective marketing you have to coordinate.  Look at this way, unless you’re selling rainbows, your webpages shouldn’t be changing colors every time your visitors click. You want a consistent look and feel from page to page.

Likewise, your logo is your logo. It should be the same image on your website, business cards and social media pages.

You may launch new campaigns, partner with new people or add a new product to the mix, but your logo or company colors or product design should be consistent.

Consistency says “reliable,” and it’s the beginning of trust.

3) Find your your target audience and show up often — BE EVERYWHERE

Discover the places and complementing products that matter to your audience and then show up in those places. Be where your people are. And it will give the illusion that you are everywhere.

You don’t have to spend big money for a huge television campaign in order to get the entire country’s attention. You don’t need everybody’s attention to be successful. You need your people’s attention.

Spend money and energy to show up in the places that matter the most to your target audience. In that community it will seem like you are everywhere.

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