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The Secret Weapon To Finding Your Marketing Message

The Secret Weapon To Finding Your Marketing Message post image

Every superhero has powers.

Some are more obvious than others. But when a situation becomes sticker than usual, the hero has another level to pull from.

Well, if you have the guts to build your own brand, then you have a few hero qualities of your own.

And you’ll need one in particular.

Are You A Gritty Writer?

In True Grit, an article for Fast Company Magazine, brothers Chip and Dan Health explain that

“In a culture that values quick results, grit can be an under appreciated secret weapon.”

Like a concealed power that you can pull out in the heat of battle. When business gets tough, grit keeps you moving forward no matter what.

When the process takes longer than expected, grit is the ability to push forward. It’s simple, hero-style strength.

As Important As Talent

The Heath brothers reference psychological research suggesting that grit is as important as talent when it comes to success. And designing a successful marketing message is no different.

It takes tenacity

  1. to find the words,
  2. to wrap them in the right look for your brand, and
  3. to spread your message to the right audience.

There’s no quick fix to effective marketing — every successful marketing strategy begins with a clear, core message. However, it’s the step that most  business owners and artists try to skip.

Gritty writing is about doing the work to get the message right.

Whether written, verbal or visual, it’s all communication. It all says something. And it’s up to you to make sure that conversation is focused.

Start With Your People

You can’t design a message that matters to your target audience if you don’t understand who they are and what they need.

And don’t fall into that generic trap that says,

“my stuff is for Everybody.”

You don’t know her.

But you do know specific people who need and want what you have. Pay attention to that specific audience:

  1. How do they buy?
  2. When do they buy?
  3. What words do they use to search for what they want to buy?

If you learn to speak the language, you’ll be able to reach your people.

Your Audience Has A Face

Find it. See them. Write directly to them. And understand that knowing who they are makes it easier to discover, design and deliver your message.

PHOTO: Vintage Detective by Jorgophotography

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