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Design It Like ART. Handle It Like BUSINESS

Your passion needs a strategy.

Many artists and other types of small business owners just slip into business.  You know what that looks like:

  • Woman wants to sing — (dance, paint, write, create music, design, the list is endless)
  • Woman takes the stage — (opens the doors, she just starts doing it)

But what about the steps in between — and the countless steps it takes to keep it going?

“Won’t my talent be enough?”


“If I’m true to myself and my intentions are clear, won’t everything work out in the end?”

Not without specific effort.

Business, like marketing, communication, writing (everything), requires specific and consistent behavior. It’s never enough to just want it, you have to work for it and work smart.

Your Passion Needs a Partner

Passion — that fire to do something amazing — will get you out the door. But you need a plan to keep you going, and that’s where the business comes in.

Make no mistake, artists are in business. And in a lot of ways business owners (the passionate and the focused ones at least) are artists in their own right.

The hair lady who mixes her oils and pomades in the kitchen sink just to get herself started is mixing up a back-to-earth concoction to remove the green out of your blond hair or bring the moisture back to your natural kinks. And she’s a master at what she does.

Just as the song writer with 1000s of verses under her belt is an artist. One makes you sing. The other makes your words dance or gives your melody a voice. The point is: they’re both artists and they’re both in business. And to be effective, they’ll have to handle their dream a certain way.

Design It Like Art

When you hold the passion for what you do in front of your team, then you keep the art alive. When you consistently create the best version of whatever you do, you keep the art alive. When you remember why you started in the first place and constantly work from that place, then you help to keep your art alive.

But it’s not just about the art.

Five years from now, you don’t want to be in the same place — handling your dream the exact same way. You want it to grow, to get better, to improve.

You want more

And for growth to happen you have to design your dream like it’s art, but handle it like it’s business. And that includes marketing that makes sense and communication that makes a difference.

Your business deserves the best if it’s going to grow. But what does that look like and feel like? Next time, we’ll dive into the first type of communication, the one that can derail any dream within seconds.

In the meantime, welcome to Gritty Writer.
– MsJ

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