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Leaders Are Like Movie Directors

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There’s always a story to be told — in business and life.  And that core story should drive your marketing and your management. In fact, your well delivered message has the ability to endear and empower your team, as well as draw and inspire your audience. But there has to be a front (wo)man, a leader who gets it, to make sure it’s done right.

There’s no business, no dream…
— no new reality, no lasting progress without leadership. And when it comes to leadership, it’s all about people. When it comes to people, it’s all about story — the message. When it comes to your message, it’s all about connection. And connection is about delivery — which is, fundamentally, driven by 4 core questions:

  1. Who are you talking to?
  2. What do you want to say?
  3. Why does it matter to them? and
  4. How can you say it in a way that speaks their langauge and tells your story the way it needs to be told?

In other words, effective leadership is effective communication, and you cannot do that right if you don’t understand who you’re talking to, the story you’re telling and a style of delivery that gets through to your audience.

Real leaders are like…
…theatre and movie directors — they are not the story. However, the leader creates the environment that exposes the best version of the story and they build a team (cast and crew) that serves that message and the audience. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, leadership — like business — is always about others. And for long term success, there’s no way around that.

So, to help you get clear about your message, pull out a sheet of paper or open your favorite word processor and answer the four questions above. Just get started. You’ll refine your answers over time, but for now get something down on paper.

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