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Marketing And The Message Design Strategy — Branding Fails Without It

Marketing And The Message Design Strategy — Branding Fails Without It post image

You need attention. And your target audience needs solutions.

If you two could only meet up, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

But don’t grab the spotlight just yet.

When it comes to attracting — and keeping — an audience, designing your marketing message comes first.

Take the time to figure out

  1. who you’re talking to,
  2. what you want to say,
  3. what they need to hear and
  4. how to deliver your core marketing message in a style that causes your audience to internalize it.

You don’t want a forgettable brand. You want a small taste of fame — meaning: in the mind of your target audience you want your solution to be THE solution.

But if people are going to talk about your brand, then you need a marketing message that’s easy to carry.

How To Get Started With Gritty Writer

Before spending another dime on knee-jerk marketing strategies, spend time on message design. In effective communication you have to keep the main thing front and center.

And the message you choose to promote (or ignore) can build (or destroy) your brand.

At Gritty Writer there are four initial marketing message design areas to focus on:

  • the brand name,
  • the tagline,
  • the marketing message behind the business and
  • the core steps that every small brand has to take.

And the truth is you don’t always figure it out in that order. But if you do the work to figure it out, then you’re on your way to creating a smart brand. And that’s good for business. Below are a few articles to get you started.

The Process (Core Steps)

  1. Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Really Is?
  2. Does Your Marketing Design Match The Message?
  3. Does Your Marketing Story Have Legs?

The Message

  1. 3 Marketing Decisions For Creative People In Business
  2. It’s Not Sexy, It Just Works — Get To Your Core Marketing Message
  3. Is Your Message Design Strategy Working For You — I See Dead Branding

The Brand Name

  1. Is Your Brand Name Fabulous or Forgettable?
  2. What Coca Cola Knows About Message Design and Name Recognition

The Tagline

  1. The Artist and The Message — 6 Steps To A Better Tagline
  2. BMW’s Simple Message Design Strategy

Dive into the blog for new and classic tips on designing your marketing message. And to go deeper grab a copy of the Gritty Kit, a mini-marketing-message-design program addressing several questions including:

  • What Makes a Gritty Writer?
  • What’s the ONE quality required for every effective message? and
  • 5 Things Impacting Your Message — Which one causes you the biggest problem?

If you’re interested in the Gritty Kit

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