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Does Your Marketing Message Have Legs?

Does Your Marketing Message Have Legs? post image

You can’t deliver a story that you haven’t designed. And you can’t design a quality marketing message without quality research or experience.

But when it finally is time to spread the word, to deliver your message, you don’t have to break the bank. You can start with a few savvy and fundamental options.

Give Them Something To Talk About

Setting up your website and branded social media pages are just the beginning of delivering your message. Yes, you do need a digital home that explains –

  1. what your brand is,
  2. who you are and
  3. what your business can do for people.

– but once your website is populated with your brand message, speaking the language of your target audience, then you have to give people a reason to come visit you. You have to constantly share your marketing message.

Use social media to –

Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin it, and share it on LinkedIn. Once you finally have a clear message, then it’s time to get the word out.  So don’t stop with just social media.

Talk about the problem you help people solve through face-to-face networking opportunities; forward your press release to your local journalists; become the special program at local civic groups.

Spread the word. You worked hard to develop a clear message. Now that you have it, don’t keep it to your self.  

My Gritty Suggestion:

First, set-up the platforms that people are going to visit. This includes your website and branded social media pages. Once these core marketing pieces are in place, then get out and about:

  1. Guest post on websites that your target audience frequent.
  2. Forward your press release to local media outlets that may find your story interesting.
  3. Use local events for face-to-face networking.

Just remember to keep first things first.

It’s the digital age, so most new business relationships will check out your online presence. Make sure your message and your design is clean, clear and effective before your marketing story starts walking.


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