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PORTFOLIO – 4 Ways We Can Work Together

#1 – Effective Communication (TRAINING)

communication training for managers, leaders and team members
effective communication trainingEven when you have the right people, the wrong language can destroy your team. And that issue will always undermine your business.

Effective Communication Training (ECT) teaches the five core areas of communication that are always impacting your brand. ECT is tailored to the audience, because where managers need to focus their training may be different from where their team members’ focus.

Clients use these customized sessions to improve their team dynamics by developing and updating their war chest for stronger and more effective business communication. I have been brought in to train large groups as well as work one-on-one with managers and CEOs.

“Thank you again for a great engaging day.  You rocked!  People are still thanking me.” — Stefania

“I related with everything. Engaging. Working in Collections Department. I use many, if not all of what you shared. Thank you so much!” — AutoTrader

I offer three core types of Effective Communication Training Sessions. Based off of these we will use our initial phone consultation to tailor the program for your team.

  • Effective Communication 101 – Leadership From the Bottom Up: for direct care staff,
  • Effective Communication 201 – Leadership From the Middle: for managers,
  • Effective Communication 301 – Leadership from the Top Down: for top level executives and owners

#2 — Strategy Blocks (CONSULTING)

a sounding board to help you clarify your core marketing message
strategy blocks2Not only does your personal brand have a message but every product that you launch and every event that you offer does too. Each part of your business is message driven.

Strategy Blocks are private consulting sessions. Clients use these blocks as a way to voice ideas, receive honest feedback and in the process gain clarity about next steps.

“Thank you! Thank you! This was a wonderful experience! Working with you helped me to essence out so much of what has been swirling around in my mind. Now, I feel a sense of continuity and alignment…perfect for reworking my marketing language.Thank you Jamillah for being a fun & fabulous co-creator!” – Barb Hammer, Founder of Produce Momentum

Here’s a short list of how others have used Strategy Blocks:

  • A designer used this process to get clear about their next steps in expanding their 6 figure brand.
  • A business and sales trainer used her strategy blocks to develop a big picture marketing strategy for an upcoming product launch.
  • An author used a series of strategy blocks to nail a bio that resonated with him and to create a few easy to remember media soundbites.

#3 – Blog To Build Your Brand (WRITING)

freelance blogger for magazines and business websites
blog to build brandYou need a website and once you have it you need content that represents your brand and attracts your target audience.

Blogging To Build Your Brand focuses on offering consistent and quality content centered around a theme. Each article is optimized with your audience in mind and it’s designed to help your people address a specific problem and to associate you with the solution.

“Jamillah has a lyrical quality to her writing that shines through on every page. She has a unique way of looking at the world around her, including business.” — Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, LLC

Clients use my freelance blogging services to

  • create buzz by giving their target audience a reason to come back to their website and
  • quality information that gives them a reason to join their email list

and with the list you have a chance to build relationship as well as share your latest products and services.

#4 — Syndicated Content For Trade Magazines (REPRINTS)

Syndicated ContentIf you have a trade magazine and you need affordable, but high quality content, then contact me directly for reprint rates, article approval and download with a short author bio.

QUICK NOTE: There are two options, a Single Syndication Reprint or The Syndication Membership (which comes with access to more content options).

Ready to work together?

Have questions? Then get in touch. You can use the contact form here as well as email (contactMsJ [at] GrittyWriter [dot] com) or phone (404-419-6819).

Talk soon,
– Ms.J –