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Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Really Is?

Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Really Is? post image

Your people are the ones who need and want what you have. Knowing them, putting faces to their problems makes it easier to market your brand.

At the end of the day, an effective message is really a conversation with your people. Not just your brand talking at your audience, but you speaking their language.

If you run a sports-focused radio station, for example, your target audience is not everybody trapped in afternoon traffic.

Your target audience is more specific than that.

You want the attention of every sports fan trapped in afternoon traffic. So when you explain what your station is, you’d say something like

“the best sports radio in Atlanta”

instead of

“we have something for everybody.”

In fact, your general message would be specific too

“we have something for every Atlanta sports fan.”

Always play to your core audience.

If you really think about it. You don’t have something for everybody. You have some thing for everybody who needs and wants what you have.

Know your people so that you can get specific with your message, because every business serves a specific audience. You sell maternity clothes to pregnant women, for example, not skinny teens headed to the beach. 

My Gritty Suggestion:

Your goal is to understand your audience and get focused with your message.

If there’s a community organization that caters to the people who would potentially like what you’re offering, then become a part of that group. Use these interactions to practice active listening. This increases your chances of discovering the real problems your target audience faces.

If you learn to listen to the right people, then you’ll build a better brand and stronger relationship with your people. Remember, this is your brand research. Honoring this step requires you to always look at your business through your customers eyes.

Discover Your People

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