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Marketing Your Book — Why Sweet And Sticky Is Good For Writers

Be precise over the words inside the book and over the words that market the book. Your marketing message matters.

Marketing Your Book Is A Science And An Art.

Like a masterpiece your marketing message and image should be engaging. You want to inspire your audience to remember your words, to desire what you have and to act on that desire.

At the same time, your marketing should be measureable and tracked, like a science project. You want to know what works the best, so you can do more of that and less of the rest.

Unfortunately, many writers (and small business owners) tend to treat their marketing less like a work of art and more like a construction paper and crayon type of thing.

“Well, throw this up there. And glue that on top of this. Oh! That’s cool. Add that too! And some glitter and some red. My favorite color is purple — put that in there. I read that green is in this year, add that too. Oh wait! Don’t leave out the cut-outs that I made last year. We have to use every thing. Right now!”

It’s perplexing to be precise over the words inside the book, but a little careless about the words and the message that markets the book. Careless marketing produces a hodge-podge plan that fails to work consistently.

A Writer Who Markets and Handles Her Business Wisely…

has a few key things in place. To be effective at getting her message across she has a deep respect for her audience, image, time and content. In other words,

  1. Audience First — She’s clear about who her audience is, where they are and how to get in touch with them.
  2. Time Is Money — She can describe her book in one sentence or less if she has to and believes in the power of 30 seconds to get her point across.
  3. Content Counts — She uses a language that gets and keeps her people’s attention — something short and sticky that carries well — like a savvy little tagline.
  4. Image Matters — She respects the fact that perception is everything. Her website, book cover, postcards, and all other marketing materials give a consistent and professional message that sticks in her target audience’s mind.

An Effective Marketing Message Is Sticky

In fact, if your marketing message doesn’t stick, then you need to update it. You want that message to be like the traces of a song heard on the radio hours ago, you just keep humming it despite yourself.

A sticky message is about the phrasing. It has to be a set of simple words that get to the heart of what your book or brand offers. It should answer the big questions in your buyer’s mind:

“What’s in it for me? Why should I read this book? What will happen to me while I read it?”

This language has to highlight the core of what your audience wants and it has to do it in a language that connects. To practice creating a sticky tagline for your book, check out The Artist And The Message — 6 Steps To A Better Tagline.

Keep It Sweet and Sticky — KISS it.

Keep it sweet by giving your audience the truth in a language that they want to hear. Keep it sticky with a consistent and unforgetable message that your audience wants to share. And remember, it takes effort and often a team to create a sweet and sticky marketing message — but it’s worth it.

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